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Kris is sharing her light by showing others how to have fun with fitness. Over the last 15 years of teaching fitness classes, she discovered her passion for helping others get fit through her own wellness journey. As a wife and mother of two, what started out as a quest to lose weight turned into her desire to inspire others to change their lives and become healthy and fit.


Having served in the armed forces, Kris understands the need to be healthy and to live embrace the journey of wellness. Her desire was to create something fun, exciting, and MAGICAL; she wanted to transform the basic fitness structure into a total wellness experience! Military PT was effective, but didn’t speak to the inner desire we all have to be a better version of ourselves, EVERY DAY!!!


Royal Results is a place where everyone is welcome to come, relax, and enjoy. We offer Royal-Teas, Custom Shakes, and classes for all fitness levels, to include *expecting mothers Encouraging others to live “a more centered life,”


Kris wants to inspire people to stay healthy, fit, and empowered for life! “I DESIRE TO INSPIRE!” is Kris’ personal motto and drives her passion to help keep you on your path to flirty fitness.


Kris is a Family-woman, Fitness Coach, Doula, Veteran, and a Business Owner who believes she can make a difference in the lives of others seeking their own personal fitness best. She will help you find the right path to your workout program, nutrition; and is available to assist expecting moms with their specialized fitness needs


*Must be cleared by physical prior to participating in fitness classes.

kris coop - owner

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